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   There's usually excess funds from the sale that belong to you!
Let Us check for you!
FRA helps you recover those funds!

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Our Agents do a preliminary audit of official records for you to see if and how much money belong to you after a Foreclosure! After that, our Agency will do all the work to help you recover those excess funds, usually in the thousands! We use OUR resources so there is no upfront cost for you! If we can't recover your funds you owe us nothing! We only get paid when you get paid!


For us to begin your preliminary search, you must be the person or persons who have had the rights to the property such as the Owner, Executor Of Estate, Administrator, ETC.,

If you meet these qualifications and you want to take advantage of our services to audit official records in your behalf to see how much money is owed to you, 

simply fill out the form below, give us the property details, and we will get to work beginning the process of recovering your funds within 24 hours after we contact you for verification. 


You can also contact our office by phone and give us the property details.

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Financial Recovery Agency, LLC. (FRA) is committed to providing you with the help you need to navigate your financial situation.

Many times our clients are at first very skeptical and surprised when they receive a call from our Agency letting them know that money belonging to them had been held by local authorities, sometimes for years! Please be assured that if you have received a call from one of our Agents, it's for real, and we have already done some of the preliminary research to match you with the money. That's why our first goal is to reach you with a phone call about the good news! Our team of experienced professionals will work diligently to find a solution, explore every avenue, and bring you relief from this great financial loss. Financial recovery is our main goal! We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and we are dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources to regain your financial footing.

Contact Us Today To Find Out How We Can Help.

Fill In The Information We Need To Begin Your Search For Excess Funds!

Important Note:

1) Provide full name of the property owner/owners at the time of the foreclosure.

2) Complete the property address of the foreclosed property including city, state ZIP Code, and county. 

3) Complete your existing contact Information including contact name, email and 2 phone numbers.

Please Provide The Address Details Of The Foreclosed Property & Contact Information Below.
Preferred Time Of Contact

Thanks for submitting!

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